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The Cotswolds Hilly 100 - 12th May 2019

Report by:

Julian Chronicle (AKA: King Julian) - Leg 1 - 7
Chloë Plester (AKA: CP#1) - Leg 8
Chris Noble (AHA: Nozzle) - Leg 9 - 10

Distance: 100-miles (split into 10-legs of roughly 10-miles)
Location: All over the Cotswolds!
Web link: click here

Event Details:

The Cotswold Hilly 100 is a road relay race divided into 10 legs each of approx. 10 miles. The race starts at the American Fountain, Market Sq., in Stratford-upon-Avon and finishes at the Stratford Sports Club. The route follows mainly minor roads that meander through the Cotswolds.

The race has been held for over 25 years and as the name suggests there are a number of ‘undulations’. However, it is the club spirit this race generates that is the main attraction. Teams are responsible for supporting each runner (logistics / support / marshalling / first aid etc) and ensuring a successful handover at the end of each leg. But sometimes, the best laid plans…😂

All race profits are donated to Charity, the Shakespeare Hospice.

Before the race:

KJ: My god it was early!!! And cold! However, undaunted the Brackley runners met at 03:45 to load cars with bikes, food, drinks and everything else needed for a 14-hour mobile picnic. It was obviously a bit early for Bish as he realised that he’d forgotten his running shoes! Luckily early enough to pick them up. With runners from other clubs a small group gathered in the centre of Stratford, not quite sure why they were there and really hoping it would warm up. A very low-key check on the teams and then the first runners were off.

CP#1: As a Hilly 100 virgin, I had little idea of what I had let myself in for and naively agreed to be signed up on the promise of a fun day out! After experiencing the joyous camaraderie of cheering on my fellow team mates on their legs, I was more than a little apprehensive about my turn. I had already seen that the 'hills' were indeed hills not 'undulations' or 'inclines' and that the vast majority of the other participants were very serious much faster runners than myself. Thank goodness I belong to Brackley! The only pressure and expectations put on me where to enjoy it.

Noz: Organisation of the highest order by Power & Karine had meant that at the start of leg 6 my bike and I had been transferred from its roof top view on KJ’s vehicle to The Power’s love bus. We supported Rachel through leg 6, but then halfway through supporting Nichola on leg 7 we had to head for the start of Power’s leg 9. This mean missing supporting CP1. After a few e-map checks we got to the start point in what we thought was plenty of time for Power to do a warm up. We faffed around getting ready (see ‘Funny Moments) and before we knew it, Meadester and Jockey had arrived saying CP1 was not far away. This was way sooner than we anticipated, CP1 putting in a riiight quality shift for the BDRC cause.

Who ran | supported:

1. Nicola (Choochi) | Chris (Noz)
2. Gareth (Meadster) | Michael B (BBB)
3. Jamie (Jockey) | Rachel (Lolly)
4. Clip Clop (Tash) | Nicola (Choochi)
5. KJ (Julian) | Nicola (Choochi)
6. Rachel (Lolly) | Suzanne (SPYBT)
7. Nichola | Suzanne (SPYBT)
8. Chloë (CP#1) | Michael P (Mike the Bike)
9. Serge (Power) | Chris (Noz)
10. Hannah | Eoin (ET) and Michael B (BBB)

The Race:

The event had three start times of 5am, 6am and 7am, your start time dependent on your expected arrival back in Stratford, with the organisers aiming to have most teams arriving back around 5pm.

As one of the many teams there to enjoy the day, Brackley had the early start time of 5am – and boy was it freezing! Choochi had the honour of leading Brackley off, ably supported by Noz on the bike, with Leg 1 heading out through Welford upon Avon and down through Long Marston.

The first order of the day for the rest of us was food, caffeine and a loo stop – not necessarily in that order! Not surprisingly, as it was still the middle of the night, nothing was open. So it was a case of looking for “wild wee” spots, a recurring theme for the day! Fields, pub car-parks, walls and woods all received “visits” throughout the day.

Our first hand over to Meadster, with Bish running support, will probably go down in history as the worst change over ever – given that Meadster wasn’t there! Luckily Bish grabbed the baton and found Meadster a few hundred yards down the road.

Heading into the Cotswolds proper, the pair headed into the Cotswolds proper, passing through Chipping Camden (Toilets open – yay!) and onto Snowshill taking in some proper serious hills. It was on the hills that Meadster decided to actually run for Brackley and show his top.

A slick change over to Jamie at the start of Leg 3 as the sun finally began to warm us up and we were into tiny back lanes and I think the 18th century. Jamie, supported by Lolly on the bike, had the “honour” of having a leg closer to 11-miles – we didn’t tell him that before – and also managed to throw in a few hurdles, over geese as well!

Leg 4 started on a very narrow road, where a few people were demonstrating their inability to park out of the way! But not to be deterred, Tash was ready to run with Choochi supporting (the first of 2 legs) on the bike. Tash I think had one of the hilliest legs to run, with some proper tough climbs to conquer, but true to her nickname she clip-clopped her way up them all and even managed a trade-mark jump passing us!

Gulp – my turn to run! First 4-legs had been completed in record time, with the old-hands saying we were at least an hour up on normal, and I was worried I was about to bring the average time crashing down. A smooth handover and I was off on a steady downhill section for the first few km, with the only problem being Choochi and I not managing the drinks bottle handover very well.

The heat of the day was now very much in evidence (and I have the burnt shoulders to prove it) and the fast runners from the 7am start were now coming through and making it look easy. The last hill into and out of Northleach broke me and I walked for a bit, before handing over to Rachel for Leg 6.

With Suzanne supporting on the bike, Rachel was off heading back towards Stratford, including tourist dodging in Bourton on the Water and the almighty hills around the Slaughters. At this point the team split, with the runners and supporters for Leg 8 onwards heading off to the 1pm mass start. The first time BDRC have taken this option, however we all agreed it worked well as it meant finishing with other teams around 5pm and being able to join in the festival atmosphere back in Stratford.

A hilltop finish for Rachel and a handover to Nichola for Leg 7, with Suzanne still supporting on the bike. Poor old Nichola unfortunately had a lonely run, as myself, Choochi and Tash finally broke out the frying pan and had a fry-up and everyone else headed up to the later stages. I then went off course, so we went straight to Morton-in-Marsh to see Nichola home, and for Tash and Chochi to sneak in a quick beer.

A fantastic run by Nichola saw her finish off Leg 7 and then we all headed off to catch the finish back in Stratford.

My leg (8) had a mass start at 1pm, at Moreton in the Marsh. I was lucky to have the excellent support of Michael Prior (Mike the bike) who had gone above and beyond with his navigation responsibility and driven the course the day before to make sure I didn't take any wrong turns. He also kept riding back to make sure the two ladies behind me went the correct way. He didn't lose me once and kept me informed in advance of when and where to turn off. Top notch service.

Pro's of leg 8:

  • I had an exact start time so could prep easier, when to eat, drink, have a nervous wee, etc.
  • Started opposite a pub so had the joy of an actual toilet, rather than a field with a view to have said nervous wee in.
  • Started with a crowd of runners to initially follow, until they all disappeared rapidly over the hills and far away.
  • Due to leg 6 and 7 taking place during my run, I had less Brackley members to watch me struggle up the hills.

Con's of leg 8:

  • Due to leg 6 and 7 taking place during my run, I only had one car load of support members to encourage me along. Thanks Jockey and Meadster for making up for the lack of numbers with quality cheering.
  • There were hills ! (surprise, surprise). I can only remember two significant ones though.
  • The sun had got rather high in the sky by 1pm and it was a little toasty.
  • The last mile or so was on a main road and I had to dive into the hedge to avoid being snuffed out by a lorry.
  • I missed out on being handed a baton

Leg 9 - The Power lives up to his name!
Start point was bedlam as there were cars and people all over the shop. Fortunately, Serge & Karine had parked further away from the start and the course. CP#1 came speeding down the lane, handed over the baton for Power to then run back up the lane and join the main route where I was waiting on velo support duty… eeeasy, but it must have been a right hassle for Karine to drive through to join the course to follow us.

Crikey, what a super consistent run. Basically, he smashed it!!! Up hills, no problem, smashed ‘em. Flats, smashed ‘em! The leg 9 massive, long downhill section, smashed it! That downhill section is worse than running uphill. There was a huge great farm machine hurtling down the hill and I hoped it managed to get by the runners without killing them.

Halfway down I pulled over, let the huge tractor thing by and saw the very much still alive Power pelting down. I shouted ‘remember the Boggy downhill style’ and later Power did say it actually worked. There were a few crossroads to navigate, but unlike previous years there were marshals at every one, a very pleasant surprise. Some parts were run on busier roads, where I’d cycle behind Power as a bit of protection when he ran on the left side of the road. Most of the time though, along with Karine in the supporting love bus, he’d be powering on relentlessly on the right side and I’d be going ahead to suss the route and potential hazards. The leg finished with a small climb and handover to the waiting Hannah in the shady woods. Faaantabulous!!

Leg 10 - Nervous Hannah, relaxed awesome Hannah!
Hannah had looked a bit nervous before the start and pretty sure the attempted calming words by several of us didn’t actually help. However, she seemed to quickly relax into her run coz every time we drove by or pit-stopped for a HT run-by, she’d have a big old beaming smile on her face. She was ably escorted by ET and BBB, so they must have eased her worries… right?? We all got back to Stratford to a packed sports ground, a very strange feeling for those who’d done the H100 before, seeing other Clubs runners/support. That didn’t stop us once again, setting ourselves up on the finish line to do the ceremonial BDRC archway for Hannah to run through, take the applause and us all to put on our event t-shirts, pose for silly pics and have a well deserved drink from the bar.

Funny Moments:

There are just too many to mention as this was such a fun day out, of note are:

  • Choochi’s adventures behind the wall
  • Noz’s comment about finding his Garmin on Tash’s leg
  • Tash’s issues with long grass
  • Jamie and the geese
  • Noz being frozen solid on his bike support leg
  • Loo stops with a view

Due to the support vehicles being separated for overlapping legs. Meadster and Jockey missed out on the famous KJ bacon baps. Taking that as a Vegan win!

  • Power realising he didn’t have his running shorts with a pocket in, therefore no place to put phone and listen to the Spanish F1 Grand Prix while running.
  • Serge & Karine sat in their camper chairs basking in the sun with their sun hats on.

Would you recommend?

KJ - Without a doubt! While there were some fantastic individual runs throughout the day, the main thing was the team-spirit and enjoyment of the event. Despite the length of the day, the hours flew by in a whirl of cake, encouragement, cake, supporting, cake and did I say cake.

CP#1 - Whole heartedly. It did indeed live up to the brief of a fun (long) day out. I felt like I had passed some initiation ceremony into BDRC. I hope for it to be a yearly date in my diary.

Noz - Absolutely!! Not only great running routes and camaraderie, but BDRC’ers getting to socialise with fellow Club members that maybe they wouldn’t normally see or spend time with… and getting to realise what eejits we all are! Also, see how superior the BDRC camaraderie and eejitry is compared to other Clubs/runners.

» Click here to view MORE photos from the Hilly 100 2019

White Horse Half Marathon - 7th April 2019

Report by: Julian Chronicle (AKA: King Julian)
Distance: Half Marathon
Location: Grove
Web link: whitehorseharriers.uk

Event Details: Starting and finishing in Grove, the course quickly heads out into the countryside onto an anti-clockwise loop around the Vale of White Horse and finally back on the same road into Grove. Race is mainly flat and run on quiet country lanes which are generally well surfaced, eagle eyed BDRC runners will have spotted a couple of miles are run (in reverse) along the Hanney 5-mile course.

Before the race: It was easy to spot those who’d never run this event before! They followed the signs to the official race car park and as a result had walked miles before they got to the HQ! Old timers sensibly parked on road closer to start. The HQ itself was in local primary school and had changing, loos and a bag-drop. From here it was a 5-min walk, or chance to warm up for the serious runners, to the start. As always the BDRC runners sought each other out for chat/micky taking/support and encouragement and the odd photo.

Who ran:
Being a Club Championship event there was an impressive turnout: Karine, Nicola, Claire, Maxine, Louise, Chloe, Julie, Kelly, Chris, Kevin, Adrian, Stuart, Gareth, Mark, Julian

The Race:
A very relaxed start with runners gathering on closed road near Rugby club, the BDRC runners spaced at intervals throughout the pack based on how “up for it” we were feeling! If there was a pre-race briefing it was inaudible and those of us at the back didn’t even hear a gun/hooter – only realised race had started when we looked up from chatting to see runners heading up the road!

Race headed around outskirts of Grove, with some lively support from local residents, before heading out into the countryside. As a small event, runners quickly spread out and found their pace. Around the 2-mile mark there was a very short hill to turn onto the circuit, shortly after this it was SMILE for Barry - and jump if you had the energy (I didn’t). Around the 5-mile mark race turned left, which in my head was the second segment of the circuit, and passed a welcome drinks station.

It was then a long stretch up to the top of the circuit and onto third section of circuit (in my head it was squarish ok) and another welcome and enthusiastic drinks station. Hitting the 9/10 mile mark a few people were beginning to flag, of which I was very much one and it was a real effort to force a grin for Barry who was lurking at the 11-mile mark. With Del Boy, Mini Max and myself running close together at this point a marshal asked if this was a club championship event – I just about managed to answer yes. Finally the circuit was completed and it was the home straight towards Grove, a couple of railway bridges seemed like Everest, but by now the finish was audible. The 13-mile marker was finally here and a final sprint (or crawl) on a brief grass section to the line.

BDRC Results:
Karine – 1:44:40 (PB)
Choochi – 1:46:00
Froggles – 1:49:32 (PB)
Mini Max – 1:57:13 (PB)
Chloe – 2:09:19
Wazzer – 2:18:13
R Kelly – 2:21:27

Noz – 1:25:22
Cornish – 1:27:10
YT – 1:37:10 (PB)
Serge (Power) – 1:39:35
Disco Stu – 1:42:53
Meadster – 1:51:12
Del Boy – 1:56:15 (PB)
King Julian – 1:57:02

Funny Moments:
Much amusement in the Men’s Changing area at the size/height of the toilets! I didn’t check the ladies…….

Cornish complaining afterwards that he was having to walk the furthest to post run drink as the “old gits” couldn’t face going further than Flag.

Would you recommend? Yes, it is a small well organised event and an ideal race for anyone looking to attempt their first half. As the results show, the flat course also has plenty of PB potential for those looking for a fast time. My one slight criticism is that the car-park, HQ and Finish were somewhat spread out across Grove.

MK Festival of Running - 17th March 2019

Report by: Richard McMahon (AKA Macca)
Distance: 5k, 10k, half marathon and 20 miles.
Location: Milton Keynes
Web link: mkrun.co.uk

Event Details: MK Festival of running claims to be the ‘biggest festival of running in the country’, and it certainly attracts a large field. This well-established event is a Club favourite as with the variety of distances there is something for everyone. For that reason, the Club subsidises the entries and as a consequence almost half of all our members participated in one race or another. The run village was based outside Xscape and had plenty of portaloos, a baggage drop off and registration tent.

Before the race:Despite there being several thousand runners, parking within easy walking distance is not a problem, even if you are arriving for one of the later races. The start times were staggered, with the 20 miler away first at 9.50AM, and the half away last at 10.45AM. Despite this there were a larger contingent of BDRCers at the meeting point before the 20 milers headed off. The weather was brass monkeys, so there was a lot of debate about the merits or otherwise of base layers, shorts and running vests!! As well as Club members, there were a lot of familiar faces from other clubs and local parkruns. I ran the half marathon, which had the advantage of seeing all the other races start, and even some of the 5k racers finishing!!

Who ran:
Claire ‘Froggles’ Frogley, Maxine ‘Mini Max’ Sutton, Julie ‘Wasler’ Waller, Anne-Marie Gordon, Tom ‘Tommo’ Frogley, Gareth ‘Meadster’ Meade, Alasdair MacSporran.

Nicola ‘Choochi’ Crookes, Karine Peter, Alexandra Raschke, Nicola Olliffe, Sara Brooks, Siobon ‘Shiv’ Herring, ‘Our’ Kelly Llewelyn, Adrian ‘Yorkshire Terrier (YT)’ Crookes, ‘Power’ Serge Daval, Andrew Gardner, Michael ‘Bish Bash Bosh’ Bishop, ‘King’ Julian Chronicle, Jamie ‘Jock’ Horseman.

Half Marathon:
Chloe ‘CP#1’ Plester, Chloe ‘CP#2’ Plummer, Emily Cowing, Rachel ‘Lolly’ Prior, Kevin ‘Cornish’ Tustian, Richard ‘Macca’ McMahon, James Olliffe, Toby Cartwright, Tom Weedon, Paul Brown.

20 Miles:
Heidi Lewis, Sarah Scott, Louise Follner, Louise Stephens, Frances Cartwright, Chris ’Noz’ Noble, Mark ‘Del Boy’ Poulton, Dave Bowen, Ian ‘Mazzo’ Marriott.

Sorry if I have missed anyone!!

The Race:
I ran the half, and positioned myself halfway back from the start so as to keep out of trouble! The course started on the dual carriageways which even with the high numbers allows runners to have reasonable space within half a mile or so. After 2 miles the course became more park than urban, with the route going through Woughton on the Green, and then heading towards Willen Lake. I gradually caught the 2:10 pacers and had to make my presence known to get past as the pack of runners with them were spread across the whole width of the path. The course takes a large, 10 mile, loop, incorporating the two well manned water stations before heading to Campell Park and the notorious hill. The 20 mile and half marathon routes come together about three miles from home making the course quite crowded with runners with a greater variety of paces. A few miles from home I spotted CP#1 ahead and managed to tag along next to her. Tom Weedon soon joined us, but clearly having plenty left in the tank pulled away and was soon out of sight. Whilst the course is relatively flat, the last mile is up hill, with the energy sapping Beacon Hill drawing the last bit of determination out of runners before the sprint to the finish line.

BDRC Results:
5k Women:
Claire Frogley 22:53 (First in age group)
Maxine Sutton 26:30 (First in age group)
Julie Waller 28:08
Anne-Marie Gordon 28:46

5k Men:
Gareth Meade 23:32
Alasdair MacSporran 24:04
Tom Frogley 25:20

10k Women:
Nicola Crookes 47:04 (First in age group)
Karine Peter 48:02 (second in age group)
Alexandra Raschke 50:42
Nicola Olliffe 54:08
Sara Brooks 55:31
Siobon Herring 58:28
Kelly Llewelyn 1:02:03

10k Men:
Michael Bishop 43:04
Serge Daval 44:05
Adrian Crookes 45:05
Julian Chronicle 52:30
Andrew Gardner 1:00:53
Jamie Horseman 1:02:03

Half Marathon Women:
Emily Cowing 2:00:42
Rachel Prior 2:02:58
Chloe Plester 2:08:10
Chloe Plummer 2:57:47

Half Marathon Men:
James Olliffe 1:22:33
Kevin Tustian 1:33:01
Toby Cartwright 1:39:39
Paul Brown 1:58:08
Tom Weedon 2:07:15
Richard McMahon 2:08:10

20 Miles Women:
Heidi Lewis 2:48:42
Louise Follner 3:06:31
Frances Cartwright 3:15:01
Sarah Scott 3:16:01
Louise Stephens 3:46:45

20 Miles Men:
Chris Noble 2:21:43
Dave Bowen 2:36:20
Ian Marriott 2:37:09
Mark Poulton 3:16:02

Funny Moments:
King Julian’s interview to camera, hopping from one leg to the other, whilst Froggles tried to get a word in!!

Would you recommend? Yes. The race is well organised, well marshalled and at the end you get a bottle of water, a banana and a medal! As is becoming more common, if you want a shirt you have to pay extra for it. The courses are fairly flat, and whilst MK has the reputation of being all roundabouts and dual carriageways, the routes are predominantly through parks and away from the main roads. The large numbers of entrants gives a good atmosphere, without being so crowded you can’t get in a decent rhythm.

Leighton 10K - 31 March 2019

Report by: Eoin Tweeddale (AKA ET)
Distance: 10km
Location: Long Marston Cricket Club
Web link: leightonfunrunners.org.uk

Event Details: Annual Leighton Buzzard 10K organised by Leighton Fun Runners. A different route to their normal race due to building works in Leighton Buzzard.

Before the race: Entertainment by the Ukie-Toones – a 10 piece ukulele ensemble playing fun songs including Hi-Ho Silver Lining, Friday I’m in Love, Yellow and many more. Great fun.

Who ran:
Running Royalty (King Jules), Nobility (Noz) and the extra-terrestrial (ET)

The Race:
An early 9am start (especially as the clocks had gone forward the night before). A flatish route taking in country and residential roads with a challenging section along the Grand Union Canal towpath.

BDRC Results:
1. Noz: 39:18
2. ET: 49:43
3. King Jules: 51:28

Funny Moments:
Realising that BDRC were represented solely by the V50s. Now known as the BDRC Saga Louts.

Would you recommend? Yes, fun being serenaded by Ukie-Toones, inexpensive race fee, good course, well marshalled with good facilities

Millennium Way Ultra – Sunday 3rd March 2019

Report by: Gareth Meade (AKA Meadster)
Distance: 41 miles
Location: Newport, Shropshire – Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire
Web link: BeyondMarathon.com

Event Details: It’s a point to point race From a car park in Newport to Shobnall leisure centre in Burton Upon Trent. Run mainly along canal tow paths, Old railway lines, Riversides and fields.

Before the race: Signing on is at Shobnall leisure centre. When you sign in you get your number, a timing chip and a GPS tracker which had to be fitted high up on your body. You are then loaded on to a coach that takes you to Newport town centre car park for the start. Once at the start there was the usual explanation including “don’t fall in the canal or the slurry pit”.

Who ran:
Who ran: Pete “Boggy” Faulkner and Gareth “Meadster” Meade

The Race:
It all started off well none of the forecasted showers or high winds. The first couple of miles were through Newport and then you head out of town on cycle route 55 which is an old railway line. You basically follow this to checkpoint 1 at 11 miles. Nice running. I was lucky and got talking to a young lady from Nantwich called Suzanne Lynn and three guys from Manchester. After checkpoint 1 you run through Stafford and follow the river Sow and then along the Worcestershire and Staffs canal to check point 2 at mile 21. From here you carry on with the canal eventually turning on to the Trent and Mersey canal through Rugeley. At this point you head under the railway lines and across the ploughed, muck spread fields to Yoxall for check point3 at 31 miles. The fields did smell quite badly with all the muck that had been spread across them and in some places were ankle deep in slurry. Yeuggh. Luckily unlike one of the Manchester guys I managed to stay on my feet. There were a couple of hills at this point which were very slippy and yes your right the guy from Manchester slipped over again, sliding back down the hill. From here you carry on across the fields dodging the Bullocks and sheep to Wychnor and then back down onto the Trent and Merseyside canal which runs alongside the A38. This you follow for the remaining 6 miles into Burton and then Shobnall, passing Branston water park and Burton Marina, where you head up onto the small road section back into the leisure centre. Getting back in time for a warm pie and a warm cup of coffee. Aah nice. Although relatively flat (it only has about 200 feet of elevation) it is fairly arduous as there isn’t any rest up, as it's full on running. The checkpoints were well set for food and drink. We did have a number of showers but nothing like what was forecast. (Think you guys had it worse) but it did get very very windy for the last 10 miles due to Storm Freya.

BDRC Results:
Pete “Boggy” Faulkner a fantastic 4th place in a time of 6:26.40, 40 minutes quicker than he did last year and only 16 minutes behind the winner. Awesome work on that terrain. I finished 98th out of 209 in a time of 9:44.51

Funny Moments:
Typical as Jasper Carrot (70’s comedian) would say, I got the “Nutter” on the bus sit next to me. First he decided to eat six bananas and then wouldn’t shut up telling me about his running, so I didn’t get any sleep. Not really funny more demoralising, during the run just when I was starting to struggle I got overtaken by a bloke in a Scooby Doo costume.

Would you recommend?Yes. A good race for a first time Ultra runner but more gruelling than you would think. Well organised. You will need to self-navigate (or cheat like I did and follow the others around you).

Winslow Lions 10k – Sunday 24th February 2019

Report by: Chris Noble (AKA Nozbod)
Distance: 10km
Location: Furze Down School, Verney Rd, Winslow.
Web link: winslowlions.org.uk/10k-run.html

Event Details: A 10K undulating run along the roads of rural Buckinghamshire. Changing facilities and toilets at school. Hot drinks, bacon rolls and other light refreshments. Entries were available on the day. Car parking 5-10 min walk from HQ.

Before the race: Needed early prep for race so made own way. Parked in prime spot immediately outside venue. Cornish did same as he needed to get away straight after the race. All met op in sports hall for collecting of race numbers and chit chat/bants.

My thoughts were on gaining back the old git trophy, so did own warm op and missed the girls ‘boob’ warm op (see ‘Funny Moments’).

Who ran:
Choochi, Cornish, Del Boy, Froggles, Heidi, Karine, Macca, Noz, Power, Scotty, Wazzler & YT

The Race:
The race: Perfect conditions, cool but sunny day and little/no wind. Needed quick start so positioned myself towards the front… standing next to Power. Few other BDRC’s were close by and Cornish was on the front row.

BANG!! The start gun fired and we were off. After the short uphill start, we quickly found our positions and turned right onto the speedy downhill section which contributed to a riiiight rapid first mile.

Always catches me out just how undulating this race is. You don’t notice too much the long, steady, nearly 2 mile climb from 1.5-3.5 miles, Verney Junction to East Claydon, but it takes it out of you for sure. Could frustratingly see Cornish cruising his way around. Next was a 1 mile down hill so tried to push on here before a left turn taking us back to Winslow… and THAT hill. Marcin got some dodgy pics and vids of us all ‘racing’ up it wearily, but then it was a case of attempting to put the afterburners on along the sleight downhill gradient Verney Road leading to the school and the finish line. Cornish had decided to pull his finger out by this point and finished 40 secs ahead and a v.credible 11th overall. Collected t-shirt, had much needed sports drink that was laid on and did a few stretchies whilst cheering in the other mighty BDRC’s. Then more bants and post-race team pics, all agreeing the t-shirt was a great looking purple.

Some personal PB’s were achieved, great running from all and a fun Sunday morning was had. Oh, did I mention I got 1st MV50 trophy 🏆🔥🙂 Oh, and improved my BDRC old git 10k record 👊😎

BDRC Results:



Overall Pos

Cat Pos


Kevin Tustain





Christopher Noble





Serge Daval





Adrian Crookes





Heidi Lewis





Karine Peter





Claire Frogley





Nicola Crookes





Mark Poulton





Sarah Scott





Richard McMahon





Julie Waller





Funny Moments:
Cornish’s ‘oooh sailor’ pose (but without the usual pout) in the sports hall.

Ok, apparently there wasn’t an actual ‘boob warm up’, it was bants and demonstrations about the problems with sports bras breaking 😂

At about 1-mile Marcin went past on his motorbike shouting abuse at me and beeping horn.

Power hearing someone shout ‘cmon Brackley’ going up ‘THAT’ hill, then thinking he might have to walk up part of it… but then heard another “cmon Brackley” a few seconds later and The Power powered to the finish to keep ahead of YT.

Avin’ a riiight giggle for the post-race team pic. Some pics too dodgy for FB/websiiite 😂

Would you recommend? Of course, great local event, hence it’s always in Club Champs.

Photos by Marcin

Gayton – Sunday 27th January 2019

Report by: James Ollife
Distance: 5km & 10km
Location: Gayton, Northants
Web link: onyourmarksevents.org/events1/running-events/gayton-10k-5k-run.html

Event Details: The Northamptonshire village of Gayton sits on top of a hill, overlooking Northampton. The 5k run is a fairly flat route, taking runners through the village of Gayton on quiet, mostly single track roads. The 10k event takes runners from Gayton down single track roads over the Grand Union Canal and railway bridge, with breathtaking views of Northampton. The sting in this run is the Gayton Hill to climb back into the village to join the 5k route back to the finish line.

Before the race:Absolutely fricking freezing!!! Waking up in the early hours to hear the wind whipping around the house had already pre warned that it was going to be nasty out there but nothing could have prepared us for the icy gale that was blowing on Sunday morning!! The long trudge uphill from the school car park to the race hq at the farm was soundtracked by complaints of grumpy cold runners (why oh why do we do this again and again?!). Once at the farm it was a case of collecting your number, trying to ensure it didn't blow away before you pinned it on, and finding a spot in amongst the farm machinery in the corner of a barn. 2 portaloos was about right for this many people and strangely enough inside one was probably the warmest spot to hang out pre-race!! The call to race start came at 10:50 and we all duly filed along to the start, which in itself was a bit of a farce, runners dodged cars that were still driving along the open country lane whilst the organisers spread out the start mat (and lifted it again to let said vehicles through). Hanging around and starting late there were a fair few grumbles from those around me. When we finally did get underway an organisers car parked in the middle of the road created a quick chicane within the first 20m. I've heard a few negative remarks about On Your Marks events and to be honest they didn't cover themselves in glory here unfortunately!!

Who ran:
10km - James, Kevin (Cornish), Heidi, Claire (Froggles), Sue, Mark (Del Boy), Louise, Alex, Richard (Macca), Nicola O, Chloë and Andrew

5km - Nicola C (Choochi), Eoin (ET) and Tom (Tommo).

The Race:
After the shaky start it was an ok, yet lonely race for me in the end. A small group of us were together at the start, annoyingly I ended up on the front with a couple of smaller guys tucked in sheltering behind through the first km. A chap I recognised from Leighton Buzzard AC as being faster than me pushed on slightly and I knew there was no way I was going to stay with him for the whole race so made the decision to let him go. My main aim today was to keep it nice and controlled and not go mad, I was not expecting a pb by any stretch but really didn’t want to blow up and hate the day. The first 5km are undulating with a nice long downhill and a few short sharp uphill’s, the large railway bridge being one of them, I ended up having to dodge a couple of cars waiting at the traffic lights so I imagine this could have caused a bit of grief in the middle of the pack where it was a bit busier. The wind was really quite crazy and there were a couple of times where I was almost blown off the road (no exaggeration I promise!), there were a fair few swear words spat though gritted teeth at this point!! Next up I had to focus on the notorious hill at 5km, I intentionally dialled it back a little so as not to be on the edge when I got there, as I did this I could hear the chap behind gaining on me, he sounded like he was struggling a lot more than me and I knew if I could keep him behind on the hill chances are that would be the last I saw of him. Luckily this was the only point of the whole day where the wind was a blessing, it was a tailwind all the way uphill so gave a nice gentle nudge up the incline, I did manage to keep in front and sure enough I didn’t hear him again. Over the top and through a village, a special mention must go to the marshal manning the water station, she gave me a cheery wave as I ran passed and she looked absolutely frozen. Around 7km ish the 5km racers joined the 10km route, this is always a welcome distraction and it was nice to see plenty of youngsters running; I always try to make a point of giving them a well done as I pass. There were a few more ups and downs as we approached the finish with a nasty little uphill before the final turn back to the farm. I picked it up for the last few hundred metres and crossed the line 2nd overall, two races and two trophies as a BDRC member, orange must be my lucky colour!! 37:18 today, better than I predicted pre race but some way off what I know I am capable of so bitter-sweet I guess.

After chucking on a few layers it was nice to cheer new clubmates on at the finish (apologies for when I inevitably cheer the wrong name at you – it took me over 3 years to learn half the names at my previous club and I still got those wrong!!)

Well done to all that finished on what was a tough day, if you managed a decent time today then you are in a great place for a flat course on a calmer day!!

BDRC Results:
Two more trophies for the club this weekend (4 in the space of 7 days I believe!).
Both 2nd places today, Nicola Crookes in the 5k and myself in the 10k.

10km Results
James Olliffe 0:37:18
Kevin Tustain 0:38:15
Heidi Lewis 0:47:15
Claire Frogley 0:47:27
Sue Torrance 0:48:51
Mark Poulton: 0:51:44
Louise Follner 0:51:59
Alex Raschke 0:52:52
Richard Mcmahon 0:54:35
Nicola Olliffe 0:56:09
Chloë Plester 0:57:27
Andrew Gardner:0:58:41

5km Results
Nicola Crookes 0:22:51
Eoin Tweedale 0:23:56
Tom Froggley 0:25:12

Not so much a funny moment but a relief at being handed a trophy immediately after crossing the line meaning there was no need to wait around in the cold (did I mention it was cold?!) for a presentation. Apparently, it was because the podium couldn't be set up due to the wind!!

Would you recommend? On a day when it's not blowing a gale then maybe it's an ok, local race, but a few quid overpriced. If the weather is anything like this one then no way!!

Photos by Adrian Crookes (AKA YT)

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