Code of Conduct

All BDRC members are expected to:

  • Show courtesy and consideration to all other path/road users
  • Wear appropriate kit for the conditions, including footwear and clothing, particularly ensuring high visibility in gloomy or dark conditions.
  • Treat all members with courtesy and respect in person and on social media.
  • Be attentive during session briefings to ensure they have a clear understanding of the proposed route(s) or session content.
  • Take responsibility for their own safety and to ensure the safety of others when undertaking a session or race with the Club.
  • Run as part of the group and not deviate from the agreed session routes during Club sessions and to be mindful of new members and less able runners to ensure that they are not left behind or placed in unnecessary danger.
  • Inform the session leader or another participant if they plan, or later decide, to cut short their session so that they are accounted for at the end of the activity.
  • Adhere to the Club Constitution and relevant England Athletics and UK Athletics guidance, when running with/representing the Club.

Approved BDRC Committee
September 2018


» Click here to view the Club Consitution

Club Rules

» Click here to view the rules for obtaining a club record
» Click here to view the rules for applying for the club's London Marathon place
» Click here to view the rules for the club championship and Handicap Chase 2018
» Click here to view the rules for using the club Facebook page


» Click here to view BDRC's Disciplinary Policy
» Click here to view BDRC's Health & Safety Policy
» Click here to view BDRC's Privacy Policy
» Click here to view BDRC's Inclusion Policy

Covid Documents

» Click here to download the COVID Risk Assessment
» Click here to download the guidelines for members
» Click here to download the guidelines for session leaders

Committee Meeting Minutes

Please click the links below to view/download minutes of club commitee meetings:
» 18th November 2020 - AGM
» 9th September 2020
» 21st July 2020
» 10th June 2020
» 15th January 2020
» 15th November 2019 - AGM
» 11th September 2019
» 1st May 2019
» 16th January 2019
» 16th November 2018 - AGM
» 11th September 2018
» 4th July 2018
» 25th April 2018
» 31st January 2018
» 27th November 2017
» 10th November 2017 - AGM
» 12th October 2017
» 1st September 2017
» 25th May 2017
» 16th February 2017
» 6th December 2016
» 11th November 2016 - AGM
» 13th September 2016
» 10th May 2016
» 23rd February 2016
» 8th December 2015
» 13th November 2015 - AGM
» 29th September 2015
» 16th June 2015
» 20th January 2015