Gentle Pace Group

New to running?
Completed your first 5k and unsure where to go next?
Coming back from injury?
Just fancy a social chatty run?

Then we can cater for you!

We have a dedicated Gentle Pace Group. This group works along side the main running groups but is for those that want a more steady pace and shorter distance.

All we ask is that you are able to run 4 miles at an average pace of around 10-11.30 minutes per mile.

We are a friendly chatty group who love welcoming newcomers and seeing them progress onto the main groups if they so wish. We are encouraging and supportive. We have 2 leaders for each running route so there is always someone at the front and someone at the back to make sure everyone stays together. We also stop regularly to allow for breaks and to bring the group back together.

The GPG also gets involved with the speed training and hill sessions so you will also get to meet the rest of the club members.

If this sounds like the group for you then come along and see us. We meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 6.50pm at the leisure centre.

Route: » View route map
Keep an eye on facebook for routes and meeting points.