TT Marshall Information

All marshals:
1. All marshals ensure that runners run on the right hand side of the road at all times.
2. All marshals to wear Hi-Viz, marshalling bibs can be collected from the start of the TT on the night.

Marshalling point 1: The Green, Turweston.
1. First pass: Ensuring runners are directed down Main Street (down the path) as they come from the new start from Brackley direction
2. 2nd pass: Ensuring runners are directed up the lane towards airfield
3. 3rd pass: Ensuring runners are warned of oncoming traffic as they come back from the airfield turning right back on to S Bank towards the pub and the new finish.

Marshalling point 2: Macca’s Gate, airfield.
1. Ensuring runners get close to the gate (whilst not touching it during Covid times!)

Marshalling point 3: Big road sign at top of Turweston Road, ~30 metres before roundabout.
1. This is the new start/finish
2. Ensure runners take a finish token and stay in order they crossed the line.
3. Ensure finish line remains free of runners.

Marshalling point 4: Corner of Main Street and Chapel Lane.
1. Ensuring runners head up Chapel Lane back towards S Bank

Marshalling point 5: Corner of Chapel Lan and S Bank
1. Ensuring runners head back up S Bank towards Glebe farm  
2. Warning of oncoming traffic in all directions

Marshalling point 6: On the sharp bend by the Stratton Arms Pub
1. 1st and 2nd passes, warning runners of oncoming traffic in both directions.

Marshalling point 7: At the lay-by by the old finish line
1. This is the new turning point of the TT
2. Ensuring runners have a safe turn-around, warning of oncoming traffic in both directions.
3. Ensure runners get to at least the beginning of the lay-by.

Marshalling Point 1

Marshalling Point 2

Marshalling Point 3

Marshalling Point 4

Marshalling Point 5

Marshalling Point 6

Marshalling Point 7